I have a Twitter Dilema, and I am very curious what people think. Here’s the problem:

If you make your tweets private (which is what I have done right now), you are not forcefully followed by spammers, BUT when you add friends, if they don’t add you back, they will not see your replies.

If you make your tweets public, you are force to deal with the 13 year olds which are trying to get 50,000 followers and 2 million tweets.

I personally think that this is a bug with twitter. If you have protected tweets, and think that someone is ‘safe enough’ to follow, twitter should automatically allow that individual to see your tweets, even though they are protected. This only makes sense. Heck, enable an option to toggle this.

What does everyone else think?

3 Thoughts on “Twitter Dilema – private vs public

  1. I wonder if this is still valid 10 years later – I found your blog and used your script to sort out a bigger-than-it-seems problem with my old raspberry pi3 and the kids tv:)
    I wanted to thank you publicly and I’d like to @ your twitter account, ’cause that is what comes naturally.
    I do understand your concerns even though I believe in an all public way of speaking, even with the newly added task of dealing with 13yo scammers: 🙂
    when I was 13 I used to create problems too, in a different way maybe, is the nature of that age I guess

    PS: at any rate, thanks a lot for your effort with the easy scripts to watch netflix and prime on a raspberry

    • Edoardo – I feel like the “follow” option sort of tried solving this. Same with allowing DMs from non-followers. The problem is 13 year olds turned into bot farms very quickly 🙂

      I think the solution may simply be 2 twitter profiles – an “official” private one, and a more “anonymous” public one.

      • Edoardo on September 4, 2020 at 9:23 am said:

        ok I’ll be following you once you publish your official twitter account, in the meantime keep up the good work you are doing with your netflix script, really life saving 🙂

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