Please note that the DOCUMENTATION tab has been left here for “archivalnostalgia purposes.

Since migrating from PMWiki to WordPress (15+ years ago) — most of the “wiki” content has become obsolete.

At this point, most of the “interesting” or “still semi-relevant” content (i.e: Security, VPNs, Linux/Ubuntu/CentOS, Android, SMTP/Postfix, Perl/Python/Bash/Scripts) has been moved into the blog posts. Feel free to use the “Word Cloud” (Tags on right side) to find it, or just skim the top-20 recent posts.

You will especially find sections like OpenBSD, Mac OS, SVN, XMPP, LDAP, FTP!!, Perl/CGIs, Vyatta, and especially Cellphones [BlackBerry 🙂 and Palm WebOS], that are truly just empty.

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