Mutt with Google (Gmail/Google Apps) or any IMAP server

The key part is using a piece of software called: msmtp (sendmail replacement). It’s a very light weight sendmail-like client, which lets you do Authenticated SMTP.

account default

from user@domain.tld


port 587

auth on

user user@domain.tld

password your-password-here

tls on

tls_starttls on


#logfile ~/.msmtp.log

syslog on

Yes — you can already see the issue here — your password is in plain text. Sadly, this is a requirement. You can chmod the file, but if you share the system with “root” users, there is no way of getting around this — at least I have not seen anything about storing the password encrypted. You will notice, Postfix with SASL passwords for IMAP relay auth suffers from the same problem.

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